Should The Lakers Resign Pau Gasol?

Pau Gasol wondering about his future in LA.

Pau Gasol wondering about his future in LA.

For the past 6 to 7 seasons in Lakerland, Pau Gasol has been a huge piece for them going forward, as they have won 2 championships and 3 finals appearances. Sadly, times have changed, and he is not the player he once was as the Lakers have already tried to trade him in a deal that would have landed them Chris Paul before it was vetoed by former commissioner David Stern. Through all the trade rumors, Pau Gasol admittedly was bothered by this, but continued to play his game and didn’t really let the off court issues effect his on court play. So the ultimate question is, should the Lakers resign someone who they have had on the trade block for the past few years? The answer is no. Kobe Bryant for one will be upset if Pau ever gets traded away. He showed similar emotion when Steve Blake was traded away to the Warriors stating he wasn’t cool with it. Pau Gasol is one of Kobe’s favorite teammates ever, he is always saying complimentary things about him and singing his praises. Lets not get confused here, Gasol’s stats are very good, basically averaging 18 and 10 a game, or rather 17.8 and 9.8 a game to be specific. The Lakers need to resign him, his production isn’t necessarily going down from a statistic point of view, he is around his career averages. Aside from this, from a personal point of view you have to commend Gasol’s maintained commitment to the team. He even wants to come back and your franchise player, Kobe Bryant wants him back. He has been the frontrunner for the Lakers as Kobe and Steve Nash have been out with injuries. At the end of the day though, we all know this is a business, so we will see where it goes from here.

Should Steve Nash Return To The NBA?

Steve Nash should have second thoughts about returning.

Steve Nash should give it another go.

Steve Nash has had a legendary career, this we all know. He is currently 4th in all time assists right under Mark Jackson, Jason Kidd, and John Stockton. If you ask me, that’s great company to be in. That being said Steve Nash has played in only 10 games in the 2013-2014 season, before the Lakers shut him down for the rest of the season due to his nerve root irritation in his back. He just can’t seem to stay on the court, and that is unfortunate for a future Hall of Famer. This could be due to age and the wear and tear an NBA season actually has on you. People forget how many years Steve Nash has actually been in the league. He was drafted with Kobe Bryant in the 1996 draft! This would make this his 18th season in the NBA. After just turning 40 and having all these injuries, should the two time MVP final call it a career?

Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s time to call it quits yet . You have to commend the heart that Steve Nash has because through all the criticism he has received during this time, being called money hungry and destroying L.A’s chances of signing a quality player, he continues to stay in game shape. Instead of sitting back and collecting checks from the Lakers, which he can absolutely do at this stage in his career, he wants to earn his checks. This can’t be said for a ton of players in the NBA, so this is certainly admirable. That being said, I am a realist at the same time. It will take something special for Nash to return back on the court even being semi healthy, but can you imagine what a story that can create? How someone can rise above all this scrutiny and return at some capacity at this age? We as NBA fans shouldn’t turn our backs on Nash’s 18 year career on the account of one and a half seasons. Not yet, lets see how he performs next to a healthy Kobe Bryant and hopefully revamped Laker roster for us to pass an official judgement. At least he still has faith in himself as seen in his “Finish Line” episodes below.

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How Russell Westbrook And Kevin Durant Can Gel Even Better

The chemistry can be even better.

The chemistry can be even better.

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are no strangers to the spotlight and at the young ages of 25, they still can improve their game. Kevin Durant in many fans eyes is the 2013-2014 leading candidate for the coveted MVP award, so improvement is scary thought.

Kevin Durant lacks that Alpha Dog mentality at times, as he becomes very passive in tight situations, especially when his sidekick Russell Westbrook is on the court. Russell Westbrook doesn’t have these problems, as he is constantly is under criticism for his aggressive play as this takes away from the NBA’s best scorer. On paper, Westbrook stats have improved since he’s been back across the board. On March 4th against the Sixers a few games back he logged the 2nd fastest triple double in NBA history since 1955 by Jim Tucker. Every basketball fan knows the type of performance Kevin Durant has put on these past few months. That being said, individual performance is not in question here. It is how they make it work on the court TOGETHER. Westbrook has been back for 12 games now, and in that stretch the Thunder have went 6-6 in a roller coaster of games. This is partially due to Kevin Durant constantly entering cruise control when Westbrook is on the court. Someone who has never watched an NBA game before would think that the Thunder is Westbrook’s team, as opposed to it being Durant’s.

Once Kevin Durant gains that true killer instinct, look out. Some say he is to humble at times, he needs a mean streak, and I agree. What made players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant special is that killer instinct that they seemed to be born with, that natural will to win by any means. Kevin Durant is a nice guy on and off the court, and this needs to change in order for him to reach that next level. This can be developed, as seen in LeBron James over the years, and that comes from losing. I do believe that eventually Kevin Durant will hit that mean streak. As for Westbrook, what he needs to do is simple. Keep that aggressive mentality, but know when to submit to Kevin Durant, as it is his team. Down the stretch of games pass the ball more, place even more trust in Durant, and this will build an even stronger on court bond.

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